What are the Proper Steps to Maintain your Vehicle Wrap?

So, you just wrapped your vehicle now what are the steps to take to prolong the life of it? Vehicle wraps require regular care and maintenance for them to las a very long time.

How often should I wash my vehicle wrap?

You should wait at least 48 hours of the wrap being applied to wash your vehicle. You should try to wash your vehicle wrap once a week or more if the vehicle is more frequently exposed to harsh elements. Hand washing is ideal and should follow these steps: rinse, wash, rinse, dry.

Rinse: Rinse the vehicle with water to remove any loose dirt or contaminants to help prevent scratching of the vinyl.

Wash:  Wash the vehicle with soapy water and soft cloth. Start from the top of the vehicle and work down.

Rinse: Rinse vehicle thoroughly with clean water.

Dry: Let the wrap air dry. If you wish to avoid water spotting, you can use a rubber squeegee and finish the drying with a microfiber towel.

NOTE: Spraying at the wrong angle for long periods creates a potential for  failure points and result in the wrap lifting at the edges.

 What detergent should be used?

A mix of a gentle detergent and water should be used. Detergents should not contain and strong soluble substances, alcohol, or abrasives. Check your detergent for a Ph balance between 5 and 9.

What if my vehicle wrap has a matte finish?

If your vehicle wrap has a matte finish you should use washes recommended for matte finish. Be careful using products that contain wax. The wax can fill in the texture and cause shiny spots. It is recommended to use a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water to clean matte finish films.

 Can I take my wrapped vehicle through a drive-through wash?

You can take your wrapped vehicle through a BRUSHLESS carwash. It is always recommended to hand wash whenever possible. Car washes that use brushes often times are too harsh on the wrap and can cause lifting and failure spots.

Can I wax my vehicle wrap?

You can wax your vehicle wrap as long as it does not contain petroleum distillates (found in paste waxes). Always test the wax on an hidden part of the vehicle first.

What to do about difficult spots?

Spot clean contaminants, such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, and similar contaminants as soon as possible in order to avoid damage to your vehicle wrap. Start by soaking for several minutes with hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. You can spot clean with Simple Green or isopropyl alcohol and a clean non-abrasive rag.

What should I do about gas spills?

Wipe off fuel spills immediately, then hand wash the area. Letting a spill sit on the wrap for too long will deteriorate the vinyl.

Can my vehicle wrap stand long periods of sun exposure?

Excessive amounts of time under the sun or other outdoor elements (rain, smog, debris and road pollutants) can deteriorate the wrap. If at all possible always try to park your wrapped vehicle in the garage or under a shelter. If parking in a garage or shelter is not an option seek as much shade as possible.

Products to avoid using on your vehicle wrap:

  • Oil based cleaners
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaners
  • Orange Oil
  • Engine Degreaser