Why Vehicle Wraps are a Better Investment Than Painting Your Vehicle

There are many reasons why everyone at Shadow Graphix shares a passion for the vehicle graphics industry. We love interacting with the automotive industry and the design industry, as well as playing a role in what happens when the two industries are combined. Throughout our years working in the vehicle graphics industry we have discovered many of the advantages of wrapping a vehicle instead of painting a vehicle.


A quality vehicle wrap can range from 2,500-5,000 dollars where a quality paint job can range from 6,000-7,000 dollars. Also, if the customer is wanting something unique like design lines or stripes painted onto the vehicle, the price can increase up to 12,000 dollars for a custom painted vehicle.


Vinyl wrapping is the best option when it comes to customizing your vehicle. With vinyl, we can print absolutely anything including graphics and photorealistic artwork. Using vinyl material, our designers can experiment with design, color, imagery, texture, and other features on vehicle wraps.

The printers we use for vinyl wraps offer an amazing amount of detail and accuracy for vehicle graphics. We can make a logo look the same every single time, which comes into play with all our commercial accounts that want to advertise with the same design on multiple vehicles.

Wraps offer consistency in the way that we can clone vehicles with identical wraps on multiple vehicles. Whereas, painting a vehicle doesn’t always guarantee that certainty and allows more opportunity for human error.


Vinyl wraps are easily removable which makes it simple to change the wrap when you want to redesign your vehicle and make it look new again. Contrastingly, paint is permanent and you would have to sand it down to repaint the vehicle.

Paint decreases car value because you can’t go back to the original color of the car, where as a wrap protects the original color of the car.


The process of wrapping a vehicle is much less time consuming than the process of painting a vehicle. It is also easier to repair. If paint chips you must sand it down and prep the piece to be repainted, but with wraps we would just print a new piece and install it in the proper place.  


Wrapping your vehicle is the best way to protect factory paint if you want to go back to the original paint and sell the vehicle. Another advantage is that a color change wrap can go over any paint job and the lamination process adds UV protection to prevent damages from the sun.


To receive the most benefits from your wrapped vehicle and make it last longer than three years, it should be protected in a garage, regularly cleaned, and properly taken care of.