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Experienced Indianapolis Trailer Wraps Company

Shadow Graphix, has been in the wrap industry for over 20 years. We specialize in high quality, full or partial trailer wraps for your Indianapolis company. No matter what style, shape or color you are looking for, we have a wrap solution for your unique needs. With our experience, certifications and knowledge, we are sure your company will be visible on the go.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when designing a Indianapolis Trailer Wraps

The most effective Indianapolis Trailer Wraps will reflect your brand. Your wrap will state a message that is clear to the audience and showcase what your Indianapolis business does. You do not want it to be hard for viewers to read or place too many graphics on it, because your message will not be conveyed. It is important to know what goes into designing and planning a wrap to reach the appropriate audience.

4 Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Define your goals – Define your goals with the wrap and how it will measure it’s effectiveness.
  • Be Consistent With Your Branding – Follow your company guidelines when creating your wrap. Some companies offer brand guidelines to follow. These will allow you to know what fonts, colors and logo to use for your Indianapolis Trailer Wraps. Keep this consistent with all of the other printed items as well.
  • Deliver a message to the proper target audience – Know the audience you are trying to market. What age range are you trying to reach? What demographic? Who uses your product the most? All of these questions, can help narrow down the trailer wraps your company will need.
  • You have 5 Seconds – When your trailer is on the road, you will have 5 seconds to grab their attention. The information that you have on your wrap needs to draw them in and be read quickly and clearly. Have this message be straight to the point. Your logo and company name needs to stand out.

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