Indianapolis Car Wraps – Car/SUV Wraps

Indianapolis Car/SUV Wraps Make Your Company Visible

A popular way to advertise your car or SUV is to have a partial or full vehicle wrap. This type of advertising is extremely effective and can receive thousands of impressions on a weekly basis. At Shadow Graphix, we specialize in high quality, full or partial Car/SUV wraps for you or your Indianapolis company. These eye catching vinyl graphics are a great way to get your company name out there and boost your sales. Make your company an instant mobile billboard with Indianapolis Car/SUV Wraps.

Vibrant Indianapolis Car/SUV Wraps

Our Indianapolis company, uses the most advanced technology and high-quality, durable materials to ensure your Car/SUV Wraps last for years to come. Our wraps maintain their color and shine in all types of Indianapolis weather. They are also easy to maintain once they are installed. No matter what type of Car or SUV you own, we can provide an appealing wrap to it.

Cleaning your Indianapolis Car/SUV Wraps

  • Wash your vehicle wraps once a week
  • Hand washing is best, but touch less car washes are the best type for vinyl wrap care
  • If you see debris, dirt or bird droppings, wash this quickly to ensure no staining occurs
  • Do not wax
  • If you power wash, use a water pressure below 2000 psi, 1 feet away, water temperature below 180 F

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