Proud to be an American & Proud to be Featured on WRAPS Magazine

“True Heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” – Arthur Ash


In 2016, we were approached with the opportunity to work with Prestige Family of Fine Cars and 3M Commercial Solutions to support Wish for Our Heroes. Our partnership resulted in wrapping a Lamborghini Huracan for display at WRAPSCON. 


We intended for this Lamborghini wrap to be featured only at WRAPSCON in 2016 and then return to the original racing graphics. To our surprise, Prestige liked it so much that they chose to keep the “Wish for Our Heroes” wrap on the race car for the whole season. 

Not to mention, race car driver, Shinya Michimi won the championship at the Super Trofeo Series driving a Shadow Graphix wrapped Lamborghini Huracan. 

Everyone was so passionate about the mission of Wish for Our Heroes that this project turned out to have a greater impact than anyone could have expected.

Shadow Graphix supported W4OH by volunteering their time to design and install the W4OH wrap, as well as raise 1,100 dollars for the cause by selling shirts in New Jersey.

Prestige bought tickets for service men and women to attend the races. In West Point, New Jersey, active and retired military men and women had the opportunity to sign the Lamborghini Huracan at a car show and every race.


This became such a spectacle that Channel 8 came to Shadow Graphix to see what was going on. The entire shop was packed with service men and women who wanted to see the wrapped vehicle.

On this day, Wish for Our Heroes donated money to a sailor whose house got broken into and Daren Merkle had the honor to present the check at Shadow Graphix. To see more about how powerful this cause is, click here.


We are so humbled and excited to be featured on WRAPS Magazine. This is a huge achievement for us and we are proud to share the glory with Prestige Performance, Wayne Taylor Racing, 3M, and other creative minds who made this idea come to life.

WRAPS Magazine publishes annually and represents the wrap industry on a national level. The magazine provides insight on great techniques, upcoming events, new materials, tools, and supplies. Recognizing interesting projects and leading companies around the country, WRAPS Magazine unites everyone with a passion for the wrap industry.

We know that WRAPS Magazine receives requests from all over the country to be featured on the front cover of the magazine. We never thought a wrap company from Indianapolis, Indiana would be chosen and recognized in WRAPS Magazine. We are privileged to represent the Midwest and encourage a stronger presence in the wrap industry.



We hope to continue improving over time and we want everyone to share our excitement and achievements with us. Some of our goals as a company are to become certified in all materials possible, increase our sales, streamline the business workflow, obtain the latest technology, add on to our company, and build a strong team.

We plan to remain at our current location and hope to make it bigger and better over time. We are so thankful for all the opportunities, experiences, and partnerships we have had this far in our journey. This project and achievement with Prestige, 3M, Wayne Taylor Racing and Wish for Our Heroes showed teamwork, unity, sacrifice, service, honor, compassion, and victory.

As our Independence Day approaches, we hope to encourage and inspire others through the services we provide and the relationships that we build. We hope to cultivate a sense of community, accountability, service, loyalty, and character. Finally, we are proud to be Americans and proud to be featured on WRAPS Magazine.