No Knives Saves Rides

Have no fear, Shadow is here! Weapon of choice: knifeless tape.

The graphic installation process for vinyl wraps can be very meticulous. Our skilled team installs the wraps by hand with precision. One of the tools that the team uses during the installation process is knifeless tape, which allows our team to cut graphic film without a blade.

In efforts to avoid placing a blade on the vehicle, we use knifeless tape that fulfills the same purpose as a knife. With knifeless tape on our side, we can protect the vehicle’s condition and prevent damages from occurring. This tool also increases efficiency and control for our team members. Last week, we had the opportunity to put this tool to work and wrap an Impact helmet for racing legend, Johnny Rutherford.

First, knifeless tape is applied to the surface in designated areas. Next, the team installs the graphic film on top of the tape. Finally, the knifeless tape, laying underneath, is then pulled up while cutting through the graphic film in one clean swipe. This is important because the installation process includes the cutting and tedious shaping of vinyl to perfect the design of the wrap. The green strip is the knifeless tape, shown below.


We take great care of our clients’ vehicles/accessories, and this tape is one of many tools that allows us to do so. This tool revolutionized the wrapping industry. Because of this product, nothing can hold back our designers’ creativity. Also, it allows us to mold the wrap to the vehicle’s form resulting in a flawless appearance.

We use knifeless tape on most of our projects, but there are some projects where knifeless tape becomes essential. In this industry, knifeless tape is indispensable. There is nothing like it. It is such a hot commodity that 3M bought out the product within the last year. This kind of technology has advanced the industry and assisted our unrivaled work. The finished product is shown below. 

So maybe we don’t save lives but we do save rides, and some would say that is pretty heroic.