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A logo can brand an image into a customer’s mind for a lifetime. Shadow Graphix can provide you with an affordable and one of a kind logo at a fraction of the cost that a traditional design firm would charge you.

We can work off of your preexisting logo and give it a fresh new look or you can give us complete design freedom in order to create an a unique and eye-catching product. A new logo design from Shadow Graphix will bring the attention to your company that you have been searching for.

A business logo is iconic; it is the symbolic representation of your own personalized brand, product or service. The logo, like your business, should consist of unique and even one of a kind elements. These elements should create a final design which will allow consumers and potential clients to identify your company instantly. The design and development process of your business logo should be handled with nothing but the very best of professional care. A company that wants to make it further in the industry they are in should always have a trademark that people can recognize. A high-quality logo that makes heads turn before they even know what it symbolizes is one step in doing just that. 

The design process of your business logo should not be given to a friend of a friend with some spare time and a computer. It is very easy for even the most unassuming customer to tell whether or not a logo is high quality or if it was poorly made. If you’re serious about your company’s potential growth, then you should look to working with Shadow Graphix to provide a professionally doe symbol or icon as the face of your soon to be big and booming business. Your company deserves nothing less than the custom logo design skills and expertise of a dedicated design team. 

What goes into designing a logo? At Shadow Graphix, we take the time to sit down with each customer to discuss exactly what they envision and any ideas or input that they have to point us in the creative direction tailored to their own company. We value their opinion and will never begin a project without all questions answered and details and plans in place with the client. Each project is going to be different, not only to ensure the distinctiveness and rarity of a logo, but because of a few other determining factors, including:

  • Personal Preference
  • Company Background and Industry
  • Pre Existing Company Colors
  • Pre Existing Logo
  • Company’s Timeframe
  • Company’s Budget

After these questions are all answered and all factors are determined, our team of logo design experts will begin their work and put their design skills to the test. Our company only uses the most high quality and technologically advanced software and programs to design each logo. We use only the finest tools and materials available in the graphic design industry. Our creative team can take any ideas and directions you have given and build a beautiful new logo that not only combines the image or imagery your company wants to have, but also our professional and state of the art touch that will make heads turn. The process for each logo is never short of detailed and thorough, ensuring your company receives exactly what you envisioned or is presented something they didn’t even imagine could be designed for them. We take pride in the fact that many of our clients have experienced the “wow factor” when seeing the end result of their newly designed logo to represent their company. 

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