About Shadow Graphix

Shadow Graphix has been creating and designing vehicle graphics for over 22 years. Being located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the racing capital of the world,  we have lots of experience with vehicles. Our services extend all over the Central Indiana area and throughout the country.  Shadow Graphix stands out for its dependable customer service. Our customers are derived mainly from referrals and word of mouth. Our employees are professionally trained and educated and we are confident in our services. 

Why Use Indianapolis Ceramic  Pro Coating for your Vehicle?

Our Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating company is staffed with experts in design and installation of all types of vehicles, large or small.  Our Ceramic Pro Coating team will make sure your vehicle stands out on the road.  Our advanced technology and durable material will guarantee to hold up for many years. Our products are meant to withstand the fluctuating Indiana weather and will not let you down. Shadow Graphix has certification with Ceramic Pro because we know how important it is to make sure vehicle looks their best.  Still not convinced? Check out our blog to see 10 Reasons Why you Need Ceramic Pro on your vehicle.

We threw muddy water on to this freshly wrapped Ceramic Pro Coated vehicle. As you can see the Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating shielded the muddy water as soon as it came in contact with the coating. Check out Instagram for a slow-motion video @shadow_graphix.

What is Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating?

Ceramic Pro is a permanent protective coating that acts as an additional clear coat but harder. Ceramic Pro Coating is also allowing for multi-layers, which means you can increase the thickness to your desire.  Ceramic Pro uses a nano-technology 3D transparent coating which protects your vehicle from scratching, weathering, and aging. It also offers UV protection, which is hard to find in other vehicle coatings. This coating is measured to have a hardness level of about 9H. Where most normal clear coats have a hardness between 2H and 4H. This coating acts as a sacrificial layer to preserve the original factory paint. Emphasize and protect your cars natural beauty by adding ceramic pro coating!

What types of Vehicles can Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating be applied to?

Our Ceramic Pro Coating was originally developed for the space and oil industry, yet now it extends to automotive, marine and the aviation industries.


  • Automotive – Business or Personal (cars, trucks, SUV’s, box trucks & buses)
  • Marine 
  • Motorsports
  • Aviation
  • Oil Machinery
  • Construction

Why Should I  Use  Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating  on my Vehicle?

Good Investment

Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating increases your vehicles protection by adding more layers, meaning it will extend the life of your paint. The Ceramic Pro Coating will protect your vehicle from normal wear and tear that may come in contact of your vehicle. This will protect your vehicle from deteriorating, which is a great investment in the long run.

New Look 

After your Ceramic Pro Coating is applied your vehicle will have a mirrored glossy effect and the shine will stand out on the road! 

Maintenance Free & Self-Cleaning

Weekly trip to the carwashes, say good-bye. With Ceramic Pro Coating your vehicle will require less washes and waxing. The Ceramic coat finish will repel dirt, dust, and tar from sticking to your vehicle. Making your vehicle less maintenance on you and the bank. This glossy and self-cleaning nano-technology allows nanoparticles to fill in the smallest pores in your vehicles paint. This lowers the surface tension, preventing dirt, tar, and bugs from bonding to your surface. Water easily moves dirt from your surface as well, this is called the self-cleaning effect. 

Professional Application

Our Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating specialists ensure that your coating is applied correctly and guarantees the best look for your vehicle. Our professionals are trained and experienced in applying your Ceramic Pro Coating. Our professional application techniques will leave you worry and hassle free and back on the road in no time!


Ceramic Pro Coatings are not removable and will not come off. It can only be taken off by machine polishing. This ceramic coating will not deteriorate or fade and will last for many years.


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Shadow Graphix is one of the premier vehicle wrap companies in the area and we are ready to turn your vehicle dreams into reality. If you have any questions about any of our services please feel free to reach out to us. No project is too small or too large for our experienced company! Contact us today for all of your Indianapolis Ceramic Pro Coating needs. We look forward to assisting you with your future projects.