How to Spruce Up Your Floors With Indianapolis Floor Graphics

Interested in An Indianapolis Floor Graphics for Your Special Event?

At Shadow Graphix, we have over 22 years of experience creating signs and vehicle graphics in the Indianapolis area. Recently we have expanded our expertise to creating beautiful floor graphics, to bring a new look and feel to your event or business. Our Indianapolis Floor Graphics can transmit a message, set a scene, and market your business. We have created designs for professional buildings, shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, schools, apartments, and other buildings in the Indianapolis area.

Types of Indianapolis Floor Graphics

There are many ways to take advantage of our Indianapolis Floor Graphics. Here are some of the

Dance Floors– Whether it is you Wedding day or your High School Prom, a 3M vinyl floor graphic can become a centerpiece for your event. Whether it is your monogram or your High School Initials, our graphic design will be the topic of discussion for weeks to come! Our designers can create an elegant graphic for your special event!

Commercial Floors– What better way to promote your company than to create a stunning floor graphic highlighting your company’s logo or mascot. Guests will walk in and have their eyes drawn to your new floor design. Not only can you highlight your logo or mascot, you can advertise sales or specials!

Corporate Events– There is no better way to show pride for your company, than an Indianapolis Floor Graphic. Whether your event is held at a local banquet hall, hotel, or event center, we can create an eye-catching floor graphic with your logo!

Other Uses of Indianapolis Floor Graphics

  • Promotional
  • Seasonal
  • Scenic
  • Motivational
  • Products and Services
  • And More

Indianapolis Floor Graphics Removal

If you are renting a space, it is important to know how permanent a product can be. The last thing that you will want to do is ruin the floors, and have to pay to have it fixed. That is why our installers have found the most effective way to install and remove our floor graphics from any surface. Our graphics will protect your floors from wear and tear, during any event.  Shadow Graphics can create your Indianapolis Floor Graphic in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Our designers will help you create the perfect floor graphic, no matter the need.

Advantages of Indianapolis Floor Graphics

With the help of our designers, these graphics will be hard to miss. You can use our graphics for as long as you would like, or as short as you would like. Our vinyl is the highest quality, protecting the floor underneath. You can create a positive atmosphere, as well as promote your business or product.

Contact Our Indianapolis Floor Graphics Team

To learn how you can create your perfect graphic, reach out to a representative today. We cannot wait to meet with you, to help you create the centerpiece to your event. Do not hesitate to reach out to learn about our other services, or take a look at our gallery.