Have You Heard of DI-NOC and it’s Rise in Popularity?


Are you interested in remodeling the interior of your office, building or home?  What about the furniture in them? At Shadow Graphix, we have the product that will be the right fit for you.

As many of you may know, we are a premier vehicle wrap company located in Indianapolis. We wrap everything from cars, vans, trucks, boats to semi truck trailers. With over 25 years experience, we have the expertise to wrap any item. That is why we have grown our services to add wall, floor and window wraps.


Another popular item that has been growing in this wrap industry is 3M DI-NOC. What is DI-NOC you ask? DINOC is a range of self-adhesive films, that comes in a variety of patterns that replicate wood, marble, leather, stone, metal and many other styles. This product is used to resurfacing and refurbishing hard smooth surfaces.

This material is sweeping through the wrap industry and creating vibrant looks to anything from furniture, doors to walls. You can create a whole new look to an old desk, aging doors and or cabinets in your office. We have wrapped everything from walls, reception desks, cabinets, elevators, outdoor tables, chairs and many other types of furniture.

DI-NOC Features

Let’s discuss in further detail a little bit more about DI-NOC and see if this is a right solution to modernize your company’s needs.

Aesthetics: DI-NOC transforms existing surfaces to a whole new look. This product resembles natural materials and aesthetically will create a makeover for your office furniture.

Lightweight: This film can be applied to the existing surface at ease. Since DI-NOC material is lighter in weight than traditional paneling, this can reduce installation costs.

Less downtime: No tearing down walls or materials, which can disrupt your entire company and visitors. Using DI-NOC, installation time is quick, which does not interrupt your normal business day.

Construction: If you prefer the authenticity of certain materials such as wood, metal or stone, you can use these products for a portion of your office. Then use DI-NOC for select areas to save on cost and also offer a variety of looks to certain areas. This also speeds up the process of remodeling and building.

Life expectancy: Wood, metal and stone can chip and become worn down. With DI-NOC, this material can last a lifetime when applying it to indoor surfaces. If applying outdoor, the life space is still very long, being 7 to 10 years. This is all dependent on how strong the UV rays are, which could potentially break down the material quicker.

Eco-friendly: When you recover already existing surfaces, these are recycled items that are not thrown away or taking up space in landfills.

Resistance to everyday objects: Since 3M is such an experienced and reliable company; they have come up with a product that is resistant to the everyday wear and tear. For example, they are resistant to water, dirt, wear, mould and impacts. There is also a series that is treated with anti-bacterial solution to be suitable for environments that need to be hygiene protected.

There are many advantages to using 3M DI-NOC films. But the key is to find a certified installer to install these products. Shadow Graphix is the only company in the area that is certified to do so. Our staff has taken certification course;  which teaches you the right way to install this material, along with many different techniques. At the end of this course, our team had to complete a time test on each station and was then rated on our performance. Without this certification, we could not imagine applying DI-NOC comfortably.

Some of the companies that we have performed DI-NOC installation on are: Eli Lilly, Davis & Associates, Capitol Construction and Seth Construction to name a few.

Contact us for your DI-NOC needs

This popularity is on the rise and we are the certified company to contact to get started on your DI-NOC project today. Please feel free to reach out for any further questions that you have on this product or any others of ours. We look forward to working with you.