Indianapolis Car Wraps Equipment

Shadow Graphix and our dedication to this industry is showcased in this area as well.  We employ the technology of two HP Latex 360 printers, with a third one on the way.  The print production rate is phenomenal and the drying system allows us to print and install without any down time between the laminating process. This is a key feature to our production flow.

When a project needs to be cut, we house two very strong plotters.  The Graphtec FC8000 and Gerber Odyssey are instrumental in our day to day operations. Our laminating can involve using gloss, satin/luster, matte, carbon fiber, or brushed over laminates.  For this we use the Seal 62 Laminator, the main feature for this machine is the ability to laminate with either a hot or cold application process.  The other two pieces of equipment we use have to do with the installation and removal processes, those would be IR heaters (stand alone and hand held) and the POD steamer.