Does You Semi Need a New Look?

Do you want your semi trailers to be more noticeable on the road? Have you ever considered adding a vehicle graphic to advertise your Indianapolis company? This is one of the easiest ways to get your semi noticed. 

Trailers can be used to haul many different types of items. Whether they are hauling automobiles, livestock, mechanical parts, food, technology, paper, heavy equipment or many other items, semi- trailers are seen all over the road. What makes your semi truck stand out among your competitor? At Shadow Graphix, we add Conestoga Graphics to set you apart from the rest.

Conestoga Graphics can be vibrant, colorful graphics that will showcase your company name, phone number, website, logo and or products that you sell. Why not use the negative space to brand your company while on the road? These Conestoga Graphics will not only look professional, but can be one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising. Think of your Conestoga Graphics as mobile billboards that do the advertising for you.

The Process of Creating Your Conestoga Graphics 

The first step is to create the artwork for your graphics. We have skilled graphic designers onsite that can give you an impressive and professional look for your semi trucks. If you have art that you would like to supply, we can manipulate this as well.

Once your Conestoga Graphics are designed, the next step is the production phase. This involves printing these graphics on our large format printers. We use 3M vinyl materials, which is some of the most durable and long lasting vinyls in the business.

The final stage is the installation process. We have experienced and certified installers that will install your Conestoga Graphics on your semi with ease. Installing these graphics is one of the most important parts; therefore, sticking to a company that has experience and knowledge will have an end result that will last for years to come. Our schedule is flexible and we do our best to install these graphics quickly to get you back on the road. 

Benefits of Conestoga Graphics

  • Thousands of impressions. Conestoga Graphics will be seen by thousands during a day and or weekly basis. This is all dependent on how far you travel each day.
  • Easy form of advertising. Once they are installed, they do the work for you.
  • Easy installation. This installation and removal process is easy if done by a professional. If you want your graphics removed, this process is quick and can be altered at any time.
  • Protection. These graphics protect your semi trailer from the day-to-day wear and tear, such as dirt, rocks, weather and more. When you remove the graphics, your semi trailer will look the same as it did before the Conestoga graphics were added.
  • Professional. These graphics will make your company look professional and your branding will be plastered all over your semis for a consistent look.
  • Protects from vandals. These graphics make it harder for vandalism to occur.
  • Easy to maintain. We will instruct you with the right cleaners to use, but mainly spray with water and cleaner and these graphics look new again.

There are many more benefits to these Conestoga Graphics, so if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us today. Let’s give your semi trailer a whole new look and start getting your advertising on the road. Contact Shadow Graphix today to begin.