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Shadow Graphix is one of the premier Indianapolis company’s that offers vehicle wraps, wall graphics and many other services for your business. We have recently expanded our services to use DI-NOC products. Are you interested in a new look for your Indianapolis office? Do you want to keep your current furniture, but it needs an update? Are you looking to showcase a few keys areas in the office? If so, DI-NOC may be the right fit for your company. It will transform your office furniture and can add a drastic look to your office walls, cabinets and or elevators. 

What is DI-NOC?

DI-NOC is used for interior design and when installed by a professional can drastically change the appearance of what it is applied to.  DI-NOC is a product from 3M that is printed and embossed vinyl or polyolefin material. This material is 8 millimeter thick and can be applied on many surfaces, with it’s pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back of it. DI-NOC means (DIURNO NOCTURN) it’s beautiful all day and night.

Variety of DI-NOC Options

With over 700 patterns, we will have the look you desire. Whether this is wood, metal, stone, leather or any of the other “textured” options we have something for you. Your interior will get a makeover without having to buy new furniture and or paint your walls. DI-NOC also qualifies for LEED credit (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). This is a point system based on the potential environmental impacts and human benefits. Originally DI-NOC was created for the outside of car panels. Do you remember the old station wagons, which looked like wood? Now the possibilities are endless when using DI-NOC.

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