Why Choose Indianapolis Vinyl Floor and Wall Graphics

We Offer More Than Just Indianapolis Vehicle Wraps

Indianapolis Vehicle Wraps have been all the buzz around the area, lately. However, getting your brand and message out there doesn’t have to stop at your business vehicles. What some may not realize, is that vinyl graphic designs can go much further than just being placed on vehicles.

Placement of Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Wall and Floor Graphics can also be placed on walls to bring design and originality to any room. Standard wall paint can only go so far and do so much. However, when creating a design and printing it on vinyl, the possibilities are nearly endless. Painting an elaborate design on a wall could take several days or possibly even weeks, and can also end up being very costly. There are also some disadvantages to note when using paint to create a design in your space.

Check out a few below:

  • Once you paint, it’s pretty much there to stay until you paint over it with something new.
  • Painting can take a lot of time with having to sand and prime the surface to prepare it for a new color or design.
  • Painting can become expensive with the extra materials that would be needed in order to prep the surface for a new look.
  • Paint also alters the actual structure of which you place it on.

So rather than going through all the hassle of paint, vinyl can be used. There are so many advantages to using vinyl as opposed to paint.

Once you have a finished piece for your space, you or a certified installer simply places it onto the wall in the area you desire. The best part, when you ready for a change or wish to have a new design, it can easily be removed and the underlying structure remains unharmed. There is no sanding or priming that has to be done in order to have an Indianapolis Floor or Wall Graphic in your place of business or home. If a color printed design isn’t quite what you are looking for textured vinyl material called Di-Noc.

Designs for Your Indianapolis Floor and Wall Graphics

If a printed design with your brand is what you are looking for, you will sit down with a graphic designer and discuss the look that you are wanting to achieve. From there our designer will create a template of your design, so you can have an idea of how it will look on your surface. Once approved our team will print your Indianapolis Floor or Wall Graphic. Once printed and laminated a certified installer will come to your home or business and install the product to your specifications. If you prefer to use a textured Di-Noc material, you simply choose the design of your choice and an installer will install the product for you. When finished with your design you simply remove the vinyl from your surface and leave it bare or can start over with a new design. It’s as simple as that!

Contact Shadow Graphix for your Next Floor and Wall Graphic

If you are looking to add color, design, and originality to your home or office, contact Shadow Graphix to get in touch with someone in our design department and get started on your unique piece of Floor or Wall Graphics.