How We Changed Our Work Flow to Evolve with Our Customers

Do you ever get frustrated with broken processes in your work place? We know that change is inevitable, and while it can be stressful and frustrating, we also believe change provides an opportunity to reap great rewards.

We have been trying to figure out a strategic method to better manage our orders and projects to know exactly where they fall in production. In efforts to become more organized, efficient, productive, trustworthy, and successful we have found a solution to our problem.



For us, the solution was Sign Tracker!

Our team has recently implemented a new workflow at Shadow Graphix using Sign Tracker. Sign Tracker is software that was originally created for sign shops, but we were able to customize the program to fit our needs as a graphics shop.

As our company and customer base has been growing we have been researching ways to streamline our workflow to increase efficiency, communication, and accountability. It is important to us to evolve with our customers and take advantage of the amazing technology that’s available.

We needed a way to manage our projects and track the project flow. Sign Tracker does all of that and helps manage our production and scheduling processes.

“We used to track everything with pen and paper. Now Sign Tracker gives us a digital overview of everything going on.” -Jamie, Shadow Graphix graphic designer.

Why Sign Tracker?

A few different reasons why this was the solution for the Shadow team is that it is easy, customizable, creates accountability and organization, encourages communication, and helps us manage our schedules.

  1. Easy

“I like it because it’s easy. I can see what jobs are coming in and keep track of the jobs in the shop.”  -Kyle, Shadow Graphix installer

The new system needed to be successful and understood by everyone. So, using this workflow, we looked for simple and straightforward software that could be easily operated. We also paid attention to Sign Tracker’s price point as well as its ability to integrate with other programs.

The software offers us the ability to color code everything to show due dates and deadlines so we understand the order in which projects should be accomplished.

  1. Customizable

We love that this program is customizable to fit our specific needs at Shadow Graphix. In Sign Tracker, we arranged columns based upon our projects and needs for each department. We are able to move each project along the assembly line to inform where each project is at within the process.

  1. Creates Accountability and Organization

“It holds people accountable and creates a paper trail.”  -Ryan, Shadow Graphix production

This software helps with everything from the quote to production to billing out the job. Sign Tracker offers the ability to customize templates with tasks like checking the car in, inspecting the vehicle, getting artwork approved, production, install, and payment.

Each project has a unique set of tasks. For example, a vehicle wrap design and install has 21 tasks for that one job.

By using Sign tracker, we can answer any questions a customer may have about the status of a project with confidence. Sign Tracker helps hold us accountable to each project by having the ability to quickly recognize any forgotten tasks and pinpoint tasks that have yet to be done.

  1. Encourages Communication

This visual and electronic workflow increases our transparency and communication with our customers as well as within our company.

When we receive calls from customers, Sign Tracker provides a better view that helps us explain how we will tackle each project to complete them in a structured manner. It assists us with predicting deadlines and increasing the knowledge of the customer about our process.

Now that everyone at Shadow Graphix has access to projects we can work more efficiently and increase communication about incoming projects to offer the best possible services and products to our customers.

  1. Manages Schedules

Sign Tracker has helped us more accurately understand our schedule by seeing it displayed in the software. We are able to track the status of our projects and see what everyone has on their agenda for the day.

It offers more detailed information about our schedule to show all the projects we will be working on each week and what needs to be accomplished each day.

Wrapping Up

Sign Tracker has helped us in so many ways to improve our performance and deliver excellent services and products. This new workflow is another way that aids in us being a dependable company for all of our customers.

We hope in learning about our new software that you feel more confident in choosing Shadow Graphix as your Indianapolis graphics shop!