Indianapolis Car Vehicles Certifications

Shadow Graphix is the most accredited vehicle wrap professionals in Indiana and has been installing a wide range of vehicles for over 22 years. Winning the 2015 3M National Wrap to Win contest and continually pushing ourselves on new techniques and tools in the trade we can handle any graphic installation you may need.

With our 6 certifications, we are an Indianapolis based company that you can trust. With the support of our manufacturers who endorse and stand behind us, we prove time and time again that we are company that takes pride in our work and installation process.

Certifications we carry:

  • 3M preferred installer
  • 3M architectural endorsed
  • Avery certified installer
  • Knifeless accredited
  • Din-Noc endorsed
  • Lowen certified installer

Our team is consisted of creative designers, durable 3M vinyl products and materials, an experienced Indianapolis based company and expert installers. Without one of these valuable pieces to the puzzle, our operation would not be a success. We take pride on the talent that our staff processes.

Our staff has continuous training and recognition by 3M – a worldwide leader in graphics material. They offer products in over 200 countries, have operations on over 70 countries, have over 89,000 employees and continually rank as one of the highest vinyl graphics producers around. We are proud to be affiliated with a company who takes pride in the environment and charities across the globe.