Celebrating 23 Years of Business

Happy Birthday Shadow Graphix!


Shadow Graphix was founded in August of 1994 by Daren Merkle. Shadow has come a long way since 1994 and we are so proud to be a part of it. His entrepreneurial dreams came from many passions that he wanted to combine. Shadow Graphix is a product of Merkle’s passions for art, design, cars, and racing. Eventually, Daren’s ideas and dreams came to life and he produced a successful business.

In 1994, vehicle graphics were not very common in Indiana, so a lot of Merkle’s success came from trial and error. Back in the early days, Daren and his team of 3 employees rented a space off Gasoline Alley. Most of their installs were completed outside in the parking lot with the hot sun beating down. Although conditions were less than ideal, the Shadow team made the best of it. Daren will never forget what it was like in the early days as he recalls rolling change to make his monthly rent payments.

Early Projects:

New Name and New Location

In 2008, we made a lot of changes. We officially changed our company name to Shadow Graphix and moved into our new location. Over the years we have gained experience, accreditations, team members, technology, and skills that have shaped us into the new Shadow Graphix that everyone sees today. We built our new location to be more conducive for the company’s goals and size. We love our new location at 4703 W Vermont St. Indianapolis, Indiana.

The new shadow Graphix consists of our co owners, Daren and Mary, along with 16 employees that make all our success possible. We partner with long lasting customers who have seen us through all our transitions as well as new customers and challenging projects. Our latest services include vehicle wraps, motorsport graphics, commercial wraps, color change wraps, logo design, 3M DI-NOC, window graphics, and wall graphics.



Grand Prize Winner at Wrap to Win contest

As we reflect on the history of the company, one of our most exciting accomplishments was competing at the NBM show. Shadow Graphix placed as the national champions of the 3M Wrap to Win contest. The grand prize was a trip to Bora Bora.

Induction into the Masters of Branding

Another huge accomplishment, also in 2015, was being inducted into the Masters of Branding (MOB). The MOB is an elite fraternity containing the best installers in the world. This was an achievement that we value to show us how much we have grown and excelled over time.

Front Cover of WRAPS Magazine

Additionally, the opportunity of being published on the front cover of WRAPS magazine was the highlight of 2017. WRAPS magazine is only published once a year and we are extremely honored to be chosen for the front cover. Being recognized nationally is a very humbling and exciting achievement for us.

Throughout this amazing journey, it has been full of challenges, failures, and victories. Although it has been 23 years of business, we are just getting started. We look forward to our future projects and feel confident that the best is yet to come.

Recent Projects:

Evolution of Shadow Graphix logos: