Why Should Your Business Choose Vehicle Wraps?

It’s a competitive world out there, trying to set your business apart from the rest of its competition. What better way to achieve this than by advertising? Advertising is crucial to promoting your business name and creating recognition. You are probably thinking that’s a no brainer, and actually asking what form of advertising is the most beneficial and cost effective. Glad you asked! It is now 2016 so do away with those dated yellow pages ads and invest in vehicle wraps for your business!

Why are vehicle wraps the best form of advertising for your business? Simply put, the average person spends a significant amount of time on the road whether it be to and from work, running kids around, or simply just going out to dinner for the night. With your business’s brand placed on your vehicles, your business will draw attention and be noticed by hundreds possibly even thousands of potential clients just from the day to day commuting done by society.

Still not convinced vehicle wraps are the most beneficial and cost effective? A study was conducted by the American Outdoor Advertising Association and reported that a business’s vehicle wrap is capable of generating 16 million visual impressions per year. The cost of a vehicle wrap per one thousand impressions is significantly cheaper than any other form of advertising. The cost per one thousand impressions for a vehicle wrap is only $0.77 as opposed to the $2.18 for billboard advertising and $17.78 for television advertising. With that said, what would it cost you to put a wrap on your vehicle? The cost to brand your vehicle for your business over a 5 year span is only $0.72 per day!  The best part…when the time comes that you wish to remove or change your vehicle wrap, the finish of your vehicle will appear flawless and untouched (provided proper care and maintenance is taken for the duration that the wrap is on your vehicle).

To add this simple yet effective form of advertising to your business, contact Indianapolis’ premiere wrap company Shadow Graphix. You will work with our team of designers to create design to really make your vehicle stand out and get the attention that you are looking for. Our designers will consider the size of your business, the variety of vehicles within your fleet, your budget, your targeted impressions, and the size of your competition when designing your custom graphics solution. Once you have approved a design, the printing process will begin for your vehicle wrap. After the printing  process is complete your vehicle will begin the install stage with our certified installers. Our install crew goes through rigorous testing on quality and speed which separates us from the competition. This ensures your vehicle will be wrapped right the first time in a timely manner. We are the most accredited wrap professionals in Indiana and we strive on quality. Our full time staff of installers are 3M preferred, Avery certified and Knifeless accredited.

Now that your vehicle is wrapped, to promote and advertise your business, take notice in the significant difference of customer traffic!