5 New Years Resolutions To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

The New Year is a great time to say good-bye to bad habits and hello to success. Do you want to be happier at work and increase your productivity? Most people would agree that a positive work environment not only makes them enjoy coming to work, but it also makes them more productive.  Since a vast majority of your week is spent at work, why not start out 2018 with a few tweaks to your normal routine at work. 

The New Year is as good as any to start fresh, de-clutter, set goals and create a positive environment at work. This not only can boost morale, but also provide a healthy work environment for all. Many people set personal resolutions each year such as losing weight, eating healthier, working out, reading more, traveling, etc. Why not set work resolutions as well?  These changes do not need to be drastic, but little tweaks can help refocus your staff and enhance productivity.

Redecorate and or add new life to the office. Is the office cluttered or unorganized? Are the furniture or walls drab? Spruce them up with new paint and or wall or floor wraps. This will change the whole look of the office and provide your staff with a fresh, clean look. We added a few wraps to our office and it really changed the look and we received many compliments on the changes throughout. The space around you can impact your mood and productivity. Keep it fresh for your team.

Celebrate your teams’ success. Recognizing your teams successes and efforts goes a long way. Do you have board or TV monitor that you can use to showcase these successes? Make it fun, colorful, bright and noticeable! When a sale is achieved, let the whole company know. Share numbers, achievements and milestones that your employees and or co-workers have reached. This is a morale booster and makes your staff feels appreciated all around.

Start a new work tradition. Whether it is having a potluck, jeans day, joke of the day and or a team outing once a month, doing something fun and or engaging as a team can create a more positive work place. This focuses on building relationships in the workplace and communication. There will always be work to do, but separating it with distractions from time to time will only increase workflow.

Improve communication with outside vendors and suppliers. Do you communicate with the vendors and or suppliers when you don’t need anything? Keep in mind the successes and or accomplishments that they may achieve. Send thank you notes and or just check in to say hi. This creates long lasting relationships and you create an open door of communication, which creates a more productive exchange.

Take breaks.  Whether it’s a quick lunch break or a walk during the work day. It is important to take a breather from the daily grind. If you do not fit these little breaks in, you may become burnt out and or have tiresome weeks, we can lead to unproductive days. It’s important to take some time to yourself each day.

The New Year is approaching and many goals will be set, using some of the above resolutions can be a great start for your company in 2018! We wish you all a Happy New Year and success!