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5 Benefits of Color Change Wraps

Have you been thinking about purchasing a new vehicle? Does your vehicle need an updated look? Are you tired of the same color vehicle that you’ve had for a few years? Well, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, Shadow Graphix can give your vehicle a whole new dramatic look. We focus on vehicle wraps of all kinds at our shop in Indianapolis, IN.

If you were considering purchasing a new vehicle, why not give your old vehicle new life with a vibrant color change wrap? Tired of the same boring color? Spruce it up with a new color, we offer over a hundred stunning colors to choose form. If you want to update your vehicle, we have a wide array of finishes to choose from as well. Glossy, matte, metallic, brushed steel, reflective, chrome, glow in the dark, textured, pearl and more. With so many options, your vehicle will look transformed with a simple color change wrap.

5 Benefits of Color Change Wraps

Low maintenance: After we add a color change wrap to your vehicle, it is best to hand wash your car. We will provide you with the proper types of solutions to use on your wrap as well. If you do use an automatic car wash, make sure it is a brushless one. You don’t want to rip the wrap after it has been installed.

Less expensive than paint: A color wrap change is less expensive than a paint job and can also be removed by a professional if you ever want to change it. Not only can it be less expensive, but also the wraps last on average; 5 to 7 years.

Resale value: If you add a color change wrap, this will not only keep the manufacturers original paint, but it will keep the resale value as well. If you paint the car, the next person, may not like the color that you choose. A wrap can be removed back to the original color at ease.

Protection: When your vehicle is covered with a color change wrap, it is protected from the normal wear and tear, such as dirt, rocks, weathering, snow, ice, etc. The original paint will not be affected by long sun exposure when covered by a wrap. Think of your wrap as a shield to your vehicle. Once it is removed, if you choose to do so, the vehicle paint will look the same as the day it was applied.

New look: With a stunning array of colors to choose from, your vehicle will be transformed to look like a new car. Unlike paint, you get the exact color you pick out. Sometimes the colors dry different and or there could be an error with painting. When you choose a color change wrap, you avoid all of these possibilities. You will know what your vehicle will look like before it is even wrapped.

When choosing a color wrap company, make sure you choose a company that takes pride in their work and has experience. At Shadow Graphix, we have over 23 years wrapping vehicles all around the Indianapolis area and beyond.

We are also certified in:

  • 3M Preferred Installer
  • 3M Architectural Endorsed
  • Avery Dennison Certified Installer
  • Knifeless Accredited
  • DI-NOC Endorsed
  • Lowen Certified Installer
  • Wrapify Certified Wrap Installer

If you are interested in creating a whole new look for your vehicle, contact us today for an exciting color change wrap. Shoot us your ideas and we will design and install a wrap to make your vehicle stand out!