10 Reasons Why You Need Ceramic Pro

  1. Forms strong and durable shield to maintain the integrity of the vinyl or paint
  2. Temperature resistant
  3. Resistant to chemicals and contaminants
  4. Maintains Cleanliness to car and self-cleans
  5. Offers UV protection
  6. Super hydrophobic
  7. Improves gloss and depth of color in the wrap
  8. No need to wax your vehicle anymore
  9. Can be applied to wraps, paint, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, wheels, and the vehicle’s interior
  10. Permanent adhesion, can only be removed by wet sanding

This product is a gamechanger for our industry. It increases the lifetime of the wrap and maintains the integrity of the vinyl. Ceramic Pro is a line of protective coatings for automotive, marine, and aircraft industries. It is an advanced nanoceramic protective coating that is applied to the vehicle and creates a permanent bond that seals the laminate. It serves as a protector for valuable items. 

What we do with it:

This protective coating can be applied to wrapped vehicles and painted vehicles. It can be used on cars, trucks, vans, boats, airplanes, and nearly any kind of vehicle you can think of. Ceramic Pro offers a line of products that are used for different materials. For example, Ceramic Pro can be applied to the interior of vehicles and other textiles using Ceramic Pro Textile. We use Ceramic Pro’s PPF & Vinyl to coat a wrapped vehicle. 

Process of application:

Completely clean and prep the surface before applying the ceramic pro coating. Use a sponge to apply the ceramic pro liquid to the vehicle. Work in small sections at a time and apply accordingly. Once applied to intended section of the car it must be wiped off. You must wipe off the product in a timely manner to prevent over saturation. The application process to coat a wrapped vehicle can require 1 coat of base coat and 2 to 3 coats of top coat.


To wrap a painted vehicle after it has been treated with Ceramic Pro, we would have to wet sand the entire vehicle to remove the protective coating. If you really want to protect factory paint, we believe the best idea is to come to Shadow Graphix and have your vehicle wrapped and treated with Ceramic Pro in one visit.

Who is it for:

We think this product can be for everyone, but more specifically, if you are a client who is expecting 5 years out of a wrap, then we highly recommend you receive the Ceramic Pro coating. This will improve the lifetime of the wrap and maintain its shine and beauty.

If you are already investing in getting a wrap or color change on your vehicle, you might as well have the ceramic pro applied to make the wrap last longer and look better. Also, if you have young children and want to protect the interior of your vehicle, Ceramic Pro may be for you as well.

The upkeep:

There is a touch up service that can maintain the properties of Ceramic Pro. Once ceramic pro has been applied to a vehicle, it should receive a touch up every three years. There is a touch up product called Light and another called Sport. Both products will help maintain Ceramic Pro over time.

Why we love it:

Besides the fact that the Ceramic Pro properties are incredibly fascinating, we love the convenience it provides and the color depth that it draws out from the wrap. We enjoy keeping up with the latest technology, and becoming certified with Ceramic Pro is just another way for us to do so.

We are certified!

We gained a certification with Ceramic Pro because we know how much this can impact our clients and their vehicles. Completing a full day’s training, Daren received a certification in Ceramic Pro. He spent about eight hours learning everything there is to know about this new nanotechnology. So, call Shadow Graphix in Indianapolis to find out what Ceramic Pro can do for your vehicle.

We had fun with it:

We threw a bucket of muddy water onto a freshly wrapped and Ceramic Pro coated vehicle. It was so fascinating to observe the super hydrophobic properties of the protective coating. Within seconds of the muddy water contacting the vehicle, the water repelled away from the Ceramic Pro coating. Check out Instagram for a slow-motion video @shadow_graphix.