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10 Pieces of Advice Before Investing in a Vinyl Wrap

Have you ever spent way too many hours researching and comparing information about something that you wanted to buy? Have you ever experienced pressure to feel peace and confidence with the decision to spend money on something new? We understand the stress and risk of purchasing something that you may not know everything about. We want to help you feel secure in your decision to invest in a vehicle wrap and trust that you will receive the quality of which you are paying for.

The goal of this article is to help reduce time spent researching and increase your knowledge about the vehicle graphics industry. Here are 10 things to consider before investing in a wrap.

Certified installers: Are the installers applying the wrap certified? If a certified installer delivers unsatisfactory results they can have certifications pulled from them. Non-certified installers have nothing to lose when it comes to being held accountable for their quality of work. Shadow Graphix is 3M Preferred, Avery Dennison certified and 3M Knifeless Tech Systems certified. We take the time to go through as many certifications as possible to ensure a quality result every time.

Quality of materials: What material do they use? Don’t hesitate to ask the company about their material and how they believe it compares to 3M or Avery. Shadow Graphix uses only 3M or Avery materials because we believe it is they are highest quality materials in the industry.

Subcontractors: Is the company using outside certified installers to come in and complete the project? If so, this will affect the wrap warranty. 3M-preferred installers provide a 2-year warranty for failures of 3M materials.

Expectations: What are your expectations of the vehicle wrap? Do you want it to look like paint? Do you want the door jams wrapped? We can relate to the mindset of having a vision and knowing exactly what you want. Therefore, be honest about those things with the company you’re engaging. There are different levels of getting a wrap installed. Your expectations play a role in that, as well as the time and energy put in to provide exceptionally detailed work.

Price: Cheap prices could mean cheap quality. If the company’s prices seem to be exceptionally lower than other companies you have researched, treat that as a sign that you should look in to the other aspects of the vehicle graphics industry.

Accreditations: How many accreditations does the business have? Shadow Graphix maintains accreditations from Better Business Bureau, Masters of Branding and Paint is Dead. These accreditations hold us accountable to be a business of integrity.

Warranty: Do they stand behind their warranty? Certifications with 3M and Avery provide warranties for the material and printers called 3M MCS warranty and Avery ICS warranty. This helps to ensure the best possible product and service is provided. If anything goes wrong, 3M and Avery will help us make it right.

Specialization: Are they an exclusive wrap shop, or are they a window tint or sign company? If the shop you have chosen to do your wrap is a tint or detail shop, meaning they do not specialize in vehicle wraps, then that may not be the most experienced company to invest in.

Experience: How long has the company been in business? Shadow Graphix has been in business for 24 years and understand the industry at a competitive level to other experienced vehicle graphic companies.

Google ratings: Can you find them on Google? Check out what Google says about the company as well as the reviews left by customers. It may be a red flag if Google doesn’t have any information on them.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this advice can be used as a tool for you to have the best experience possible when getting your vehicle wrapped. We encourage you to ask the questions necessary that will help you trust in the company you are investing in. At Shadow Graphix, we are very passionate about the vehicle graphic industry and hope that you will be able to share that passion with us from receiving a quality vehicle wrap. Contact us today to get started on your next vinyl wrap install.