5 Reasons Vehicle Wraps Are A GREAT Investment

Have you ever thought about a way to get your company name more noticed? If you are like many other businesses in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, you may try to think of different marketing strategies to promote your company. At Shadow Graphix we not only will get your company noticed, but we will also increase your visibility. How, you ask? By placing Indianapolis Vehicle Wraps on your company vehicle(s). It does not matter if you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, we can turn them into moving billboards to promote your company around the city.

Did you know that placing an Indianapolis Vehicle Wrap on your vehicle, you would receive thousands of impressions in just one day. While driving to work or to a meeting, think about how many people you pass. If you are like many other people, you notice other vehicle wraps because the bright colors and graphics are eye catching and do not blend in like the other cars.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons Indianapolis Vehicle Wraps are a good investment.

  1. Vehicle Wraps are cost-effective. When you advertise, you want to make the most out of your investment. When purchasing an Indianapolis Vehicle Wrap, you have a one time cost that will make thousands and thousands of impressions the first week it is applied. Think of the continuous views it will receive while you are driving or parked in any location. It draws attention to everyone in its view; therefore you reach people you may not originally targeted with a radio ad or mailer.
  2. Vehicle Wraps are Eye-catching. Having an effective vehicle wraps means displaying your branding with important information throughout the vehicle. Your company name, logo, phone number, website are a few key items that people can glance over and see when on the go. Keep your branding consistent with your other marketing pieces as well. That way everything correlates together and you keep the brand consistent. Have a call to action to draw peoples eyes towards your vehicle. Bright, large and creative graphics will get your company noticed anywhere and anytime of day.
  3. Protects Your Vehicle. Every inch of the vehicle that is covered by the wrap will be protected from the weather and other normal wear and tear. Your factory paint will not age and be in direct contact with the sun day in and day out. Therefore, if you every want to sell your vehicle, your wrap is easily removed and your car will look like the day you brought it in to us.
  4. Endless Options. We have onsite graphic designers who can make your vision come to life. With the endless amounts of graphic images and color choices, we will be sure to nail the design you are looking for to add to your vehicle. Your vehicle will have a whole new look when we are completed with the design and installation
  5. Low Maintenance. You can hand wash your vehicle wrap and even take it through the car wash. We will give you a list of ways to maintain the life of your Indianapolis Vehicle Wrap after we install it. Your vehicle wrap can last up to 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance and care.

Now that you have learned more about our Indianapolis Vehicle Wraps, think of the investment this can be for your company. Knowing the impressions that your vehicle will receive daily and how it will stand out on the road among your competitors are two great reasons to look into purchasing a vehicle wrap today. Let Shadow Graphix design and install your next Indianapolis Vehicle Wrap today! Contact us with any questions.