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Indianapolis Color Change Wraps


Are you tired of the color of your vehicle? Why paint, when you can bring your vehicle to life with an Indianapolis Color Change Wrap! The possibilities are endless with this type of wrap and can include anything from matte, satin, gloss, metallic, brushed, carbon fiber, & chrome finishes. There are literally hundreds of colors to choose from. This, paired with the latest technology and our creative team can make your vehicle “one of a kind” even if they have made 20,000 of the same model. Your vehicle can now have a unique and vibrant  color to stand out from the rest.

Quality Materials For Our Indianapolis Color Change Wraps

color changeWe have been in the vehicle wraps industry for over 20 plus years, therefore we have worked with a variety of products and companies. There are many quality materials to choose from, but we want the best for our customers and provide a product that will last for many years to come. That is why at Shadow Graphix, we use 3M vinyl for all of our vehicle wraps and color change wraps. Not only are the 3M vinyl vehicle wraps high quality, reliable, and can withstand all types of Indianapolis weather, but they also offer competitive warranties. We are confident that our color changes wraps will last for many, many years after being installed.

Paint Verse Color Change Wraps

Choosing to paint your vehicle or picking a color change wrap can be a big decision. Let the professionals in the vehicle wrap industry share a few factors when deciding between the two.

Losing Value. Once your car is painted, this will decrease the value of your car. The second your car is painted, it will depreciate in value. A color change wrap can be removed; therefore it actually protects your car. A wrap can protect the original paint job from UV rays, scratches, paint chips, weather related damage and contamination. If you choose to trade in or sell your vehicle, once you remove the wrap it will look like new.

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